The Danish National Archives is an institution under the Danish Ministry of Culture. We are over 250 employees spread across the country.


How we have organised our work

The Danish National Archives consists of 11 divisions, each with its own unique set of responsibilities. You can view the divisions in the org chart below and read more about their work further down the page.

Our divisions

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the daily management of The Danish National Archives and its professional and strategic development.

User Services

At User Services, we ensure that the services provided by the Danish National Archives to the public remain coherent and usable.

Finance and Repositories

Finance and Repositories’ areas of responsibility include the Danish National Archives’ finance-related functions, the collection of physical records and the operation of our buildings.

Management Secretariat

The Management Secretariat is the link between the Danish National Archives and the Ministry of Culture. We support the Danish National Archives’ board of directors and management and are responsible for the Danish National Archives’ communication.

Revenue Funded Activities

Revenue Funded Activities is responsible for all services and activities that users and authorities can purchase from the Danish National Archives.


Digitisation makes paper records available digitally. We do so via digital photography, scanning and publication on the Danish National Archives’ online services.

Data Dissemination

Data Dissemination displays the Danish National Archives’ data in new ways so that everyone can use the data found in the collections of the Danish National Archives.

Digital Preservation

Digital Preservation is responsible for receiving, testing and preserving digitally created and digitised data.

Acquisition & Government Services

Acquisition & Government Services division is responsible for selecting and collecting the documentation that can provide the most accurate reflection of Danish society in the future.


IT is responsible for the development and operation of the Danish National Archives’ core IT functions.


In the Documentation division, our responsibility is to find and provide data from the Danish National Archives’ collections to the public according to the provisions of the Danish Archives Act and Act on Early Retirement.


In the Access division, we make data that is not readily available accessible to the general public through individual casework in accordance with the provisions of the Danish Archives Act.

HR & Legal

In HR & Legal, we perform a number of staff and support functions within payroll and personnel administration, management support and certain cross-cutting secretarial functions.