Data Science

Data Science

Data Science proccesses data from the coolections of the Danish National Archives, often in collaboration with external partners.


About Data Science

Data Science processes data from the National Archives, making them available externally and internally, so they can be used for new purposes. To do this, Data Science conducts new projects in collaboration with external partners from e.g. the research community.

The tasks of Data Science include

  • Discovering and processing digital data to make them available for future use. This includes responsibility for transcription by volunteers.
  • Creating tailored data sets for research purposes and exhibiting the processed data via the National Archives’ IT solutions.
  • Advancing knowledge within the National Archives of new technologies, including AI (Area of Excellence for data processing). In collaboration with the rest of the National Archives, Data Science also spearheads the use of such technologies.
  • Project ownership of projects primarily focused on linking and creating new data.
  • Establishing external working relationships aiming at creating new data sets and exhibiting data on other platforms.
  • Research activities based on the National Archives’ research strategy.