Digital Preservation

Digital Preservation

Digital Preservation is responsible for receiving, testing and preserving digitally created and digitised data.


Purpose of Digital Preservation

We develop and maintain methods and standards for reliable long-term preservation and ensure that data is tested and meets the required quality standards when we receive it. We are responsible for ensuring that the Danish National Archives’ preservation system is continuously planned and developed to make sure that its core function – preservation – remains safe and cost-effective, allowing data to be found and used.

Reception and testing

In the Digital Preservation division, we receive and test born-digital data from authorities, researchers and others who transfer data to the Danish National Archives.


We ensure long-term preservation of approved data.

Rules for submission information packages

We develop and maintain rules for transferring of submission information packages.

International collaborations

We are involved in knowledge-generating projects and international collaborations related to digital preservation.

Cooperation with IT suppliers

We collaborate with and provide guidance to IT suppliers who assist authorities and other public records bodies that transfer records to the Danish National Archives.

Operation of preservation system

We maintain and operate the Danish National Archives’ preservation system.