Acquisition & Government Services

Acquisition & Government Services

Acquisition & Government Services is responsible for ensuring that the National Archives collects documentation of Danish society in as many aspects as possible.


About Acquisition & Government Services

Transferral of public authorities’ records is done in accordance with the regulations of the Archives Act, and all new documentation and data transferred to the National Archives goes through this unit. All state authorities, all regional authorities, and approximately 50 municipalities transfer their documentation and research data to the National Archives. Private entities decide for themselves whether they want to transfer their records to the National Archives.

Acquisition & Government Services selects which documentation and data is deemed to provide the most comprehensive representation of Danish society for the future. The unit also ensures that the documentation is transferred in a format that can be reused.

Acquisition & Government Services also supervises public authorities’ data and documents broadly (archive formation).

The tasks of Acquisition & Government Services include

  • Issuing regulations on the preservation and disposal of documentation created by public administration and reported documentation from the private sector.
  • Processing approval cases for preservable state IT systems to ensure they can be archived.
  • Preparation for the delivery of both paper-based documentation and data from IT systems and research data.
  • Supervision of public authorities’ paper-based documentation and data.
  • Outreach to the private sector, as well as the assessment of inquiries from the private sector, including individuals, associations, foundations, organizations, and companies, and the receipt of material from them.
  • Research activities based on the National Archives’ research strategy.
  • Secretariat functions for the Committee on the Preservation, Delivery, and Accessibility of Municipal Records (K-committee) and the Regional Committee.