Income Funded Activities

Income Funded Activities

Revenue Funded Activities is responsible for all services and activities that users and authorities can purchase from the Danish National Archives.


About Income Funded Activities

Income Funded Activities are responsible for the National Archives’ income-generating tasks. This means that the unit offers paid assistance to users who seek help in identifying specific information in the National Archives’ collections.

The service is provided to private individuals, companies and public authorities required to submit their records, regardless of whether the information is in digital or physical form.

Income Funded Activities can also assist users who, for various reasons, cannot or do not wish to carry out records management, search for information or who needs guidance or assistance beyond what the National Archives can offer as a free service.

The tasks of Income Funded Activities include the following

  • Assisting authorities transferring physical or digital records to the Archive in the form of preparing records for transfer and consultancy tasks
  • Documentation work and information search.
  • Consultancy regarding the description and implementation of major documentation tasks, including the preparation of research datasets.
  • Research services (in collaboration with other units).
  • Digitization tasks (in collaboration with the National Archives’ unit of Digitization).