IT is responsible for the development and operation of the National Archives' central IT functions.


About IT

IT support of the National Archives plays a significant role in realizing the National Archives’ strategy. The IT unit frames IT support for the strategy through a set of IT principles and establishes and ensures the implementation of an overall IT architecture for the National Archives’ system portfolio in close collaboration with the rest of the National Archives. The unit ensures an overview and management of the IT system portfolio, including the underlying development plan.

The unit manages ongoing IT governance in relation to development and system management in close collaboration with system owners, system managers, project managers, and other business partners. The unit also maintains ongoing dialogue with the Central State IT (Statens IT) regarding the operation of the National Archives’ systems and tasks related to maintaining the portfolio of IT systems and IT development environments.

The unit ensures that the National Archives’ specialized systems are taken care of in terms of the systems’ condition, future plans, and the unit develops an annual cycle for the systems, all to enhance security and efficient operation.

The tasks of IT include

  • IT principles and IT architecture.
  • Management of the National Archives’ IT system portfolio.
  • IT processes and IT governance.
  • IT development and IT development environments.
  • Operation and maintenance of in-house developed specialized systems.
  • Operational support for the systems in collaboration with State IT and external suppliers.
  • Asset management and license management.
  • Ensuring the National Archives’ information and cybersecurity.
  • Driving the National Archives’ cross-cutting innovation process.
  • Development and implementation of new development methods and processes (project model/agile method).