Submitting databases

Submitting databases

Data in various database formats.


Research data created or stored in databases must be submitted as an archive version.

What is an archive version?

An archive version is an extract of data (and documents, if applicable) supported by documentation and data. The extract must be submitted in a specific technical format stated in annexes 1-8 of Executive Order no. 128 on the submission of archive versions to the Danish National Archives.

An archive version consists of:

  • extract of data tables
  • any documents
  • information about the archive version (context documentation)

All three components are stored in a fixed structure. You can download sample different archiving versions.

Database Preservation Toolkit- extractor for databases

If you do not have any documents associated with the database, you can use the Database Preservation Toolkit (DBPTK) extraction engine to create your archive version.

DBPTK is a program that can be used to extract data content, data structures, and metadata from various database management systems into a variety of preservation formats. These include the Danish version of the open format SIARD, which is what the Danish National Archives uses in connection with archiving. Developed in open source, DBPTK is available on and on

DBPTK can export from data and metadata in the database to table files and tableindex.xml, which is part of SIARD.

Please note that although the tool is functional, it is necessary to carry out further processing before or after extraction in order for the archive version to be approved according to the Danish National Archives’ requirements, set out in Executive Order 128 on the submission of archive versions to the Danish National Archives. DBPTK does not support all of the Danish National Archives’ requirements for spatial data.

When using DBPTK

The Danish National Archives is unable to provide support in the use of DBPTK. The Danish National Archives also disclaims any liability for errors that may arise in connection with the use of the program. All enquiries and questions about this must be directed to or via

Using a supplier

Consider using a supplier to assist with the submission of the archive version. The Danish National Archives has prepared a list with information about suppliers who have created one or several archival versions of IT systems and which have passed the approval stage with respect to the requirements set out in Executive Order no. 128 on creating archival versions.

If you have any questions about your submission

If you encounter any issues while testing or creating your submission copy, you can contact us by e-mail at Enter ‘Research Data Manager’ in the subject header.