Report and submit research data

Report and submit research data

You must report research data so that the Danish National Archives can determine whether you are required to transfer it. Find out what you need to do and how we can help.


Information to include in the notification

Project description and background

Information about the project, e.g. description, method, research area and data origin.

Formats and documentation

The format and size of the data and data structure as well as relevant documentation.

Information about your data collection

Depending on the type of data, this could include variables, population and criteria for selection as well as collection period.

Required information in your notification

The information in your notification should be at a level corresponding to a public summary in a scientific journal.

If you have a project description or data management plan (DMP) that covers the individual sections of the notification, you can upload that to your notification instead of filling in the individual fields.

What happens after you submit your notification

Once you have submitted your research, the Danish National Archives determines whether you should transfer your data to us.

If we require more information, we will write to the contact person indicated in your notification.

Following that, we will let you know of our decision. If we determine that your data should be submitted to the Danish National Archives, we will also provide information on how to do so.