Apply for permission to view records

Apply for permission to view records

Some records are protected by a restricted access period, but you can still apply for permission to view that material.


Please provide the following information in your application



What do you need the material for?



What records are you applying for permission to view? Specify the creator of the archive for the specific material. You need to search for material in our archive database Daisy.



What event/subject are you looking for information about? Please elaborate on your application and indicate the time, place and names of persons/authorities/companies/organisations at the time.

Records with a longer restricted access period

Some records have a longer restricted access period than the standard 20 years. This includes material that contains information about individuals’ private affairs as well as private archives and other types of material with special considerations that require restricted access. You can apply for a dispensation to view such material before the formal restricted access period expires.

View list of restricted access periods for certain records

The access restriction rules are set out in the Danish Archives Act, and their purpose is to safeguard sensitive personal and confidential information.

The Danish Archives Act can be found at

Start by placing an order for material

Not sure if you need to apply for permission to view certain records? Start by ordering the material to the reading room. If you need to apply for permission to view the material, you will be notified by e-mail.

Try ordering material via our archive database Daisy

You must send a written application

If you wish to apply for permission to view records, you must send us a written application.

You can submit an online application by following the link below and filling in our application form.

You can also submit a written application to one of the Danish National Archives’ four locations in Copenhagen, Odense, Viborg or Aabenraa. See postal addresses below.

The Danish National Archives, Copenhagen

Kalvebod Brygge 34
1560 København V

The Danish National Archives, Odense

Jernbanegade 36

5000 Odense

The Danish National Archives, Viborg

Ll. Sct. Hans Gade 5

8800 Viborg

The Danish National Archives, Aabenraa

Haderslevvej 45

6200 Aabenraa

You can include a co-applicant

You have the option to indicate a co-applicant if you wish to apply for permission to view the records together.

Watch a film on how to apply for a permit

How we process your application

The Danish National Archives processes applications for permission to view records according to the principle of maximum transparency, but usually with one or more conditions attached to the permission.

In some cases, e.g. when the records are younger than 20 years, when it concerns material related to criminal justice cases, or if a longer access restriction period has been set due to special considerations, the Danish National Archives will obtain the consent of the authority that created the records before we make a final decision.

All applications are considered individually and in the order in which they are received.

You will receive a written answer

Usually, the Danish National Archives will send a response to your application via Digital Post. This will entail conducting a search for you in the Danish CPR register.

Extended processing time

Currently, some applicants may experience extended processing times due to a backlog of cases from the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown.

Normally, the Danish National Archives is required to respond to your application within 15 days of receiving it.

Apply for permission

Please note that your application will only be submitted once you fill out the required fields and press ‘Next’. Make sure you have received a receipt notification, which will be sent to the e-mail address you provide.

Apply for permission