Order certificates

Order certificates

Get certificates issued based on church records, civil marriage records or personal registers.


What to include in your order

What is your purpose?

Specify why you need the certificate and select type of order.

Whose certificate is it?

Specify name, date of birth and date of the event and provide information about your relationship with the person in question.

Where did the event take place?

Specify in which parish or municipality the event took place.

What you can order from the National Archives

The National Archives can issue a certificate or make a copy of the documentation for:

  • Baptisms
  • Confirmations
  • Burials
  • Church weddings
  • Civil weddings

If you need a certificate regarding a church event that occurred less than 110 years ago, you should contact the relevant parish.

If you need a scan of the entry in the church registry (and not a certificate), the National Archives can often help you with entries up until 2003.

The National Archives can issue free baptism certificates which are to be used in connection with name changes.

You can order a baptism certificate for a name change if you are the child, grandchild, great-grandchild or great-great-grandchild of the baptized person.

However, if the baptism took place less than 110 years ago, you should contact the parish, where the baptism was held.

The National Archives can issue certificates regarding civil marriages up to around 1950. The same applies to copies from the civil marriage protocols.

If the marriage took place later than 1950, you should contact the relevant municipality.

If the event took place in the region of Southern Jutland (Sønderjylland), the National Archives can as a rule issue certificates up to 1977. The issuance is based on the personal register.

In cases where the National Archives has not received the personal register, you should contact the relevant municipality.

Price and processing time

Certificates for judicial use, e.g. name change, are issued free of charge.

Certificates for other than judicial use as well as copies of church records and marriage protocols cost 561 DKK per piece plus 20 DKK in processing fee. The price applies to the current year. There is no VAT on the service.

If the National Archives cannot issue a certificate, no payment will be charged.

We aim to process your order within 10 business days. You will receive our response digitally.

Any invoice will be sent by The Agency for Governmental Administration (Statens Administration).

Fee is charged in accordance with section 6 of the Danish Archive Act.

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