Online records

Online records

In Arkivalieronline you will find all of the Danish National Archives' digitized documents (mainly danish). Note that only about 2% of the collections are digitized.


Download Terms

You can download individual pictures for personal use for private or professional research via the download button in the viewer. If you wish to download more than a few pictures from Arkivalieronline, you must always contact the National Archives before you start the download.

Images donated by Ancestry

Ancestry has donated the color pictures of the church books (until 1892). The pictures may not be downloaded by other companies that have the sale of services targeted at genealogy researchers as a business area.

Downloading copies of one or more pictures for personal use is allowed for private or professional research.

However, written permission from Ancestry is required if you want to download more than a few pictures.


Contact the National Archives at if you have questions about the use of pictures on Arkivalieronline.