New platform makes it easier to find born-digital data

7. August 2022

New platform makes it easier to find born-digital data

A new platform makes it easier to search born-digital documents in The Danish National Archives digital collections.


Born-digital data from half a century

The collections of the Danish National Archives contain not only physical paper archive material, but also an equally large collection of born-digital data from the past half century. This data primarily comes from registers and case management systems from public authorities, but it also includes Denmark’s biggest collection of research data from the country’s universities and research institutions.

Collectively, this data constitutes a unique resource for investigating and providing an account of Danish society over the past 60 years on topics such as health, politics, climate and much more. Thanks to the Danish National Archives’ new search platform Digidata, this data has now become easier to retrieve.

Search metadata, descriptions, and tables

Digidata allows researchers, students or staff in public authorities to find the data that is relevant to them. You can also:

  • search metadata and descriptions of individual datasets, e.g. who created the data and for what purpose.
  • search as specifically as each table in a dataset to view how specific questions were formulated or column names.
  • filter datasets by period, data type and creator, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Download or apply for access to data

An application is required to access certain material

We take good care of sensitive data in the Danish National Archives. This means that material containing sensitive personal information is not readily available even though it appears in searches. If you wish to view the actual contents of that material, you will receive instructions on how to apply for access to it.

Data you can download or order

Some data is freely available, and we have accumulated many datasets that you can download directly from the platform. You can download data and documents in various formats, allowing you to work with it as you prefer, e.g. in a statistics program or in Excel.

Visit the platform and search digital created documents, to find and use datasets from the Danish National Archives’ digital collections.

If you have questions about our digitally created collections or need help and guidance, you are welcome to contact us at