Survey data

Survey data

Access questionnaire-based research data from around 1950 and up to the present day.



The Danish National Archives holds the country’s biggest collection of surveys (questionnaire-based research data).

Some are freely available, while others require an application to access.

Featured downloadable surveys

In the following are some of the most frequently used surveys (without sensitive personal data) that you can access. You can find more surveys via the Danish National Archives’ database ‘Search for digitally created data’.

Accident Registry 1998-2010 (Danish)

The smoking survey 1970-1993 (Danish)

Post-fall data for elderly patients 2005-2008 (Danish)

Children, food and meals 1999-2004 (Danish)

The election survey 1971-2019

The Danish values survey, 1981-2017 (Danish)

MULD-undersøgelsen (A survey charting the lifestyles of young people), 2000-2006 (Danish)

Tryghedsmålingen 2004-2013 (Studies measuring how safe people feel) (Danish)

Access rules

Access is restricted to surveys that include personal data (e.g. national identification numbers). You can apply for access to them through the National Archives’ database ‘Search for digitally created data’.

Go to ‘Search for digitally created data’

Once the Danish National Archives has received your application, we will proceed to obtain permission from the Data Protection Agency to provide that data.

The total case processing time is 1-2 months.

Provision of survey data

Once you have received permission to use surveys containing personal data, you can choose to receive the data in one of two ways:

  1. Via Statistics Denmark’s or the Danish Health Data Authority’s researcher service unit
  2. On an encrypted USB drive

Film: How to analyse survey data in Excel

Contact Researcher Service

How we can help

Do you have questions about survey data?

The Danish National Archives’ Researcher Service unit can offer input and guidance on identifying and using digital data in the Danish National Archives’ collections.

The purpose of this service is to help researchers help themselves and includes up to 1 hour of free consultation.

If you would like the Danish National Archives to conduct a major investigation on your behalf with a view to identifying relevant data (analogue and digital), e.g. for a large research project, we can provide such assistance for a fee.

Read more about our Researcher Service unit here