Government Data – An Introduction

Government Data - An Introduction


Digitally created government data

Government data in the form of digitally created data comes from IT systems that public authorities have used in connection with their case processing.


Since the early 1970s, the Danish National Archives has received copies of data eligible for preservation from IT systems and research projects from the entire public administration as well as private companies and organisations.

What do they contain

Government data includes registries, accounting systems and electronic document management (EDM) systems.


The EDM systems contain data on the correspondence, general administration, casework, etc. of public authorities.


Government data is submitted to the Danish National Archives in archive versions. This allows you to view copies of the data, but not the actual system in which the data was created.

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How we can help

Do you have questions about survey data?


The Danish National Archives’ Researcher Service unit can offer input and guidance on identifying and using digital data in the Danish National Archives’ collections.


The purpose of this service is to help researchers help themselves and includes up to 1 hour of free consultation.


If you would like the Danish National Archives to conduct a major investigation on your behalf with a view to identifying relevant data (analogue and digital), e.g. for a large research project, we can provide such assistance for a fee.


Read more about our Researcher Service unit here