ADA – test software for submission information package

ADA - test software for submission information package

ADA is the Danish National Archives' software for testing whether a submission information package meets the requirements of Executive Order no. 128 of 12 February 2020.


About ADA

The users of the program can include:

  • Public authorities responsible for transferring a submission information package of data from an IT system to the Danish National Archives or another public archive.
  • Suppliers who prepare submission information packages on behalf of government agencies.

ADA contains a number of Open Source modules and modules that are subject to licensing regulations.

The programme in its entirety may therefore only be distributed by the Danish National Archives. External parties that are interested in the source code without the licensed modules, are free to request it. Please note, however, that the Danish National Archives is not obliged to provide support for understanding the source code.

We recommend that you review the release note prior to downloading and using the program.

The Danish National Archives is not obliged to provide direct support on the use of the program and does not guarantee any form of uptime or availability.

Please note that a completed ADA test does not necessarily mean that the Danish National Archives will approve a submission information package.


Note that the ADA requires you to run the system as an administrator to get the best test results. Right-click on the program and select ‘Run as administrator’.


Learn how to use the ADA and how to complete a test:

ADA User Feedback

You can provide feedback on the use of ADA by sending an e-mail to:

The Danish National Archives continuously assess the proposals and problems received and determine which issues should be addressed/prioritised. In general, we currently only fix errors and omissions that prevent a submission information package from being tested.

However, you are of course welcome to submit new feature suggestions. We review and prioritise the development of new feature suggestions when possible.