Welcome to the Danish National Archives’ new website

12. August 2022

Welcome to the Danish National Archives' new website

Get an overview of our new website, designed in close dialogue with the users of the Danish National Archives.


Better user journeys for everyone

If you are a seasoned user on the Danish National Archives’ website, you will discover a lot of changes, even though all the content you are used to accessing on the website is still there. The website now has a updated structure with clearer paths and entry points for people using the Danish National Archives for genealogy or research, on behalf of a public authority or as a member of the public seeking historical information. You can find an overview of the new entry points below.

Developed in close dialogue with users

The new website was developed on the basis of extensive user analyses and in collaboration with both new and veteran users. The aim was to make it simple and easy to use the services offered by the Danish National Archives.

However, we also hope that it allows us to more clearly show what the Danish National Archives can be used for, and we want to inspire more people to discover the enormous opportunities offered by the Danish National Archives.

“It is important to us that the Danish National Archives’ website meets the needs of our users. We are therefore constantly working on optimising the user experience, and our focus with the new website has been to further help users find information and use data. We hope those changes will be noticeable”
Ole Magnus Mølbak Andersen Deputy Director

Open, modern and service-oriented

The new website is a cornerstone of the Danish National Archives’ modernisation process, which also includes a new visual identity with a new typography, logo and graphic elements. It reflects the archive as it is today: A service-oriented archive and a modern data provider that is open to all.

Overview of the new entry points

As a user of the Danish National Archives’ website, you can find everything you are used to whenever you want to access it:

  • Access Arkivalieronline, Daisy or search the collections
  • Use and explore data and archives, and receive help and guidance
  • Order information and surveys
  • Report and submit data to the Danish National Archives

Search the collections

From the front page – and in fact from all pages you visit – you can access the Danish National Archives’ systems in the upper left corner to search the collections and view data and records. If you type a search query in the search field, you will be shown results across all collections in the SIS (Søg I Samlingerne/Search the Collections) system, which opens in a new tab. You can also choose to navigate directly to the system you want to search in or use:

  • Arkivalieronline
  • Search and order (Daisy)
  • Search for digitally created data
  • Danish Demographic Database

Use & Explore

The ‘Use & Explore‘ menu is your gateway to use the Danish National Archives’ data and collections, and find guidance on specific topics and how to use the archives. To find the material you need, you can either use the search filters, which are divided by topics, or enter a query in the ‘Find and explore’ search field.

Order information

If you want to order information, an archive search or scans or apply for access to material that is not readily available, you can find the relevant forms under the menu item ‘Services‘.

Transfer & submit data

The menu ‘Transfer & submit‘ is the entry point for authorities, researchers and private individuals submitting or reporting data to the Danish National Archives. All the content public authorities could previously find under the menu item ‘Public administration’ is now located under ‘Report & submit data’. This includes everything about archival legislation, executive orders, guidelines and forms, for example.

If you are a researcher or employed by a private enterprise or organisation – or a private individual wishing to submit data to the Danish National Archives – this is also where you find information on how reporting your data and subsequently submitting it works.

We have divided and consolidated all the relevant content according to what you do or who you work for:

Website optimisations being implemented with user feedback

We will continue to make changes and refinements to the website in the coming months with the help of our users. We appreciate constructive feedback on your experience with the new website. If you find any errors or omissions, or if you have suggestions for improvements, you can write to us at nyhjemmeside@sa.dk. Our goal is always to do what we can to accommodate and act on constructive feedback that can improve the user experience.

We hope you enjoy browsing the new Danish National Archives website!

Read the press release about the Danish National Archives’ new website (in Danish).