Revenue Funded Activities

Revenue Funded Activities

Revenue Funded Activities is responsible for all services and activities that users and authorities can purchase from the Danish National Archives.


Purpose of Revenue Funded Activities

The Danish National Archives offers a number of paid services.

These services are open to government authorities transferring data to the Danish National Archives as well as private individuals and companies seeking help with identifying specific data in our collections, both digital and on paper.

Revenue Funded Activities also provides services to users who, for various reasons, cannot or do not wish to prepare archive versions or search for data on their own, or who require more help than we are able to provide through our standard support.

Preparing archives and documents

We help public authorities transfer records and data to the Danish National Archives. This includes the preparation of archives as well as consulting services.

Documentation and studies

We perform archival research, documentation work and data searches for the general public, companies and public authorities. We provide consulting services on how to describe and carry out major documentation undertakings, including the preparation of research datasets.

Researcher Service

In collaboration with other divisions in the Danish National Archives, we help researchers and research projects find, scan and systematise information and documentation that exists within the Danish National Archives’ collections of paper archival records and digitally created data.


In collaboration with the Danish National Archives’ Digitisation division, we photograph and scan paper records from the Danish National Archives’ collections.

Consulting services – paper archives

We offer consultation support on matters related to archiving, most frequently record-keeping assignments for older archives where the archive owner has lost their overview of the archive, but also cleaning up archives, which includes implementing Circulars: Appraisal and selection.

In addition, we provide assistance in connection with damaged records eligible for preservation, cleaning (and in many cases, digitising and preparing) such records for submission as submission information package.