HR & Legal

HR & Legal

In HR & Legal, we perform a number of staff and support functions within payroll and personnel administration, management support and certain cross-cutting secretarial functions.


Purpose of the HR & Legal division

The core responsibility of HR & Legal is to contribute to the development of the Danish National Archives as an attractive workplace.

We make sure that the organization meets the standards of good employer behaviour, principles of good governance, data protection and information security.

Our division includes lawyers, HR employees, administrative employees and our information and IT security consultant.

Payroll and staff administration

We are responsible for payroll and staff administration.

HR and organisational development

We support the development of the Danish National Archives’ organisation and employee competencies.

Cooperation and working environment

Well-being in the workplace is an important resource because it creates better and more efficient employees. We therefore focus on collaboration and our working environment across the organisation.

Legal advice

We provide legal advice, focusing on the Public Disclosure Act, the Administrative Procedure Act, the Danish Archives Act and data protection legislation.

Information security and data protection

We advise our colleagues on information security and data protection.

Administrative systems

We carry out cross-cutting secretarial tasks. For example, we are the ones who reply to your enquiry or forward you to the right person when you send an e-mail to the Danish National Archives’ primary e-mail address. At the same time, we have system responsibility for administrative systems that deal with HR, payroll and EDM.


We ensure compliance within HR, payroll and legal, information security and GDPR.