Data Dissemination

Data Dissemination

Data Dissemination displays the Danish National Archives' data in new ways so that everyone can use the data found in the collections of the Danish National Archives.


Purpose of Data Dissemination

Data Dissemination displays the Danish National Archives’ data so that both current and new users become aware of – and take advantage of – the possibilities offered by the Danish National Archives’ data. This applies to both existing data and data that the Danish National Archives receives on an ongoing basis.

Development of new services

The Data Dissemination division develops new solutions and services and is responsible for their initial operation. In so doing, we make the Danish National Archives’ data usable to users in the ways they want or need to use it.

Development of new solutions

We develop solutions that make it possible to display the Danish National Archives’ data in external infrastructures.

Displaying data in collaboration with other actors

We formulate, mature and develop new display data and data sets in collaboration with external stakeholders.

Researcher Service

We assist researchers and provide training to students and researchers on how to use the Danish National Archives’ collections and guidance for specific research projects.

Services to public authorities

We assist and provide guidance to public authorities with isolated lookups in data they have transferred.

Provision of data

We prepare, process and provide born-digital data to users.


The division also works with research activities.